Founder & Chairman of the Board

Founder and Owner since May 1, 1984

President & CEO

Owner since Sept. 7, 2000

President - RUSH Facilities, LLC

Owner since Jan. 1, 2019

President - RUSH Marine, LLC

Owner since Jan. 1, 2019

Senior Vice President

Owner since Sept. 7, 2000

Vice President of Finance

Owner since Jan. 1, 2012

Director of Corporate Safety & Quality

Owner since Jan. 1, 2015

Vice President

Owner since Jan. 1, 2019

Matthew Tate, Estimator / Sr. Project Manager, RUSH Marine

Estimator / Sr. Project Manager

Owner since January 2021.

Project Manager

As a project manager at RUSH Marine since September 2018, Shane McCreery oversees projects from beginning to end, managing project details and budget, scheduling, and interfacing with project owners. After working in a company where everyone felt “like a number”, Shane sought out RUSH Construction for its reputation of supporting and valuing its staff as…